Gift Better.

Established in 2014, MAIN AND LOCAL is made up of a bunch o' hard working, creative folks, and one lazy pug named Winston.

What started as 2 guys with a passion for creating souvenirs that actually don't suck, has become a nation-wide movement of gifting better to your family, friends, cherished ones, and you know, yourselves.

We just wanna have fun and create the most amazing gifts you never knew you wanted.

Let us help you Gift Better.

Pleased to meet ya!

Meet the brains behind M&L

Andrew aka: The Magician
Creative Director

What I do here: I make awesome products...and big mistakes!

Quote I live by:"Don't eat me, I have a wife and kids. Eat them"- Homer J. Simpson

My wildest dream:That Brandon follows my creative direction.

A few of my favourite things:

1) Chocolate

2) Bananas

3) Chocolate Bananas

Favourite Canadian place for a weekend getaway:Latitude: 65.8187 Longitude: -107.0747

David aka: Señor Bottom Line
Operations & Sales

What I do here: Operations and Sales! I also love mentioning what "hat" I'm wearing in the office. "Let me put on my operations hat!"I have a thing for hats...

Quote I live by:"Gay kaken ofn yahm!" Yiddish expression for "Go shit in the Ocean."

My wildest dream:You actually enjoying reading this profile.

A few of my favourite things:

1) Mi Familia

2) Dad Jokes

3) Can one bird make a pun? No, but toucan.

Favourite Canadian place for a weekend getaway:Schitt's Creek

Amber aka: Berr
VP Sales & Customer Experience

What I do here: Sales and Customer Experience. People are funny.

Quote I live by:"Nothing to me feels as good as laughing incredibly hard."- Steve Carell

My wildest dream:Win the lottery and vacation with Will Ferrell and Adam Sandler.

A few of my favourite things:

1) Binge-watching shows

2) Online shopping

3) Board games

Favourite Canadian place for a weekend getaway:Kelowna, BC. But make it a full week of wine tours followed by lounging at the lake and I'm set!

Brandon aka:
Wong Time Wong Place
Senior Designer

What I do here: When I'm not designing, I help my boss with origami. For realz.

Quote I live by:"Without the sauce you can get lost, but you can also get lost in the sauce."- Gucci Mane

My wildest dream:I want to get abducted by aliens one day if they do exist...

A few of my favourite things:Have you ever had a McGangBang? You basically order a Junior Chicken and a Mcdouble/Double Cheese Burger from Mcdonald's and mix them together. So there's that and I also like playing guitar.

Favourite Canadian place for a weekend getaway:Jarry Park.

Tharik aka: The King
Warehouse Director

What I do here: I play with bubble wrap all day - but I also make sure your orders get packed and shipped on time!

Quote I live by: "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

My wildest dream:One day I would love to have my own zoo.

A few of my favourite things:

1) Riding motorcycles in the rain

2) Fishing & swimming in the river

3) Taking care of animals

Favourite Canadian place for a weekend getaway:Vancouver

Alex aka: Super Boy
Picking & Packing

What I do here: I make sure your orders have all the right stuff! I can make a box faster than you can say "Alex, can you make that box any faster?"

Quote I live by:"Life is like a box of chocolates...and I like chocolate."- Yours truly

My wildest dream:Oh, that's tough...I never remember my dreams!

A few of my favourite things:

1) Family & friends

2) Basketball

3) Making people happy!

Favourite Canadian place for a weekend getaway:My brother's country cottage. Nothing better than chilling by the lake. What a view :)

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